PRIF23 23 Cu Ft Solid Door Reach-In Freezer


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Mod. PRIF23    |    29″  x  32.2″  x   82.5″    |    230v


When you enter the market for a new freezer, quality is something you can’t afford to sacrifice on. PURE’s solid-door freezers are a quality that our customers have come to depend on. Their polished stainless steel exterior creates a clean, modern and timeless look for your kitchen.



u-19-self-closingThis 19 Cu Ft Commercial Freezer Features a Self-Closing Door

This model features a self-closing door with a stay-open feature. This means that the door will close itself instead of leaving that little gap that lets all the air out. That little gap is a huge energy suck that shortens the life of your compressor. It also means that when you want the door to stay open, it won’t close on you and your food as you try to load it. It closes when you want it to, and stays open when you don’t.





Corrosion-Resistant Commercial Freezer Shelves

Did you know that new Freezer shelves can cost up to $120? And did you know that the number one cause of shelves failing is rust and corrosion? When you buy PURE, you won’t have to worry about things like this. These heavy-duty, plastic-coated adjustable shelves have been designed to keep out moisture and resist corrosion. Each unit comes with 3 shelves and 12 shelf clips, allowing you to place your shelves exactly where you need them to accommodate your small or large food products.



Digitally Controlled Commercial Freezercfd_2rr thermo

External digital temperature controls allow you to easily adjust the temperature of your freezer’s cabinet without letting the cold air out. The controller is preprogrammed to keep the unit between 32 and 41 degrees to avoid any issues with health inspectors.  And the clear LCD readout makes it easy to track temperatures throughout the day. The digital controls also ensure proper defrost 4 times a day, to keep food fresh and properly chilled.



1/4 hp Commercial Freezer u-19-compressorCompressor

This bottom mount freezer makes life better in two ways. First, it raises the bottom shelf, which means less bending over, and therefore less chance of back injury. And second, because hot air rises, it takes in cooler air which makes it more energy efficient.




Parts AND Labor Warranty by Rapid Repair In-House Technicians.

We're a Phoenix owned company. All warranty work is performed in-house. This is a benefit you can only get by buying local. Much of the equipment purchased out of state has a parts only warranty. If the equipment breaks, they mail you parts. We'd never do that. We have a team of technicians who work around the clock keeping Phoenix restaurants up and running. Should anything ever break under warranty, they would drop what they were doing and come right out to see you.

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  • Stainless Steel exterior retains attractive finish longer.
  • Rounded Corner design inside of the cabinet makes it easy to clean
  • Heavy Duty Pull Handles
  • Durable Double-Spring Self-Closing Hinges with Stay-Open Feature for Loading
  • Refrigeration System holds steady 33-41 degrees to ensure food quality
  • Electronic Controls for easy temperature adjustment and troubleshooting
  • Adjustable Heavy-Duty  PVC-Coated Shelving
  • Heavy-Duty EZ Roll Casters are Standard.
  • Bottom Mounted Units Feature “No Stoop Lower Shelves, Storage on Top of Cabinet and Easily Accessible Condenser Coil For Easy Cleaning and Service.
  • This product conforms to UL 471, CSA C22.2, and NSF 7 Standards.


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