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Social Media: 10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Marketing Needs It

Social Media Marketing has been a quick spread trending marketing style that uses popular social media apps and websites to reach out to their customers and potential customers. More than ever people are turning to social media to leverage the massive power of the internet in their marketing efforts. If you’re looking create a bigger more well-known […]

Choosing a Restaurant Location in Phoenix AZ

What You Need to Know When Selecting a Restaurant Location in Phoenix AZ   Parking or transportation is a must. People can be lazy. Some, may opt to go somewhere easier if they have to walk a bit. If you live in an urban area where everyone walks and there is public transportation, it’s not […]

Show Me The Money: Restaurant Financing 101

The How and Where of Restaurant Financing.   Credit cards are a major source for sole proprietor and LLC’s. But read the fine print. If the interest rate is too high it may not be worth it. Avoid applying for multiple accounts. Set realistic goals for paying them back and stick to it. Friends and […]

How To Start Capitalizing On Late Night Eating And Office Meals

Millennials are night owls, they want their food at any time day or night and they don’t want to be limited to just a night menu or early bird menu. They want convenience at all times sometimes even at three in the morning. Capitalizing on the late night food market is a smart idea to […]

5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant’s Website 5-Star

    Put Your Hours in a Clear Place. Typically if a customer is looking up and on your website, they are looking for specific things, one of them being your hours. Customers like to learn about your restaurants beliefs and the back story of how you began, but normally they are there to see […]

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