5 Ways To Make Your Restaurant’s Website 5-Star



Put Your Hours in a Clear Place.
Typically if a customer is looking up and on your website, they are looking for specific things, one of them being your hours. Customers like to learn about your restaurants beliefs and the back story of how you began, but normally they are there to see your menu or hours of operation. You want to make sure when customers google your business they can find the hours before even clicking onto your website. If they don’t bother with that make them front and center on your websites home page to make them easily findable.


Take Advantage of Online Booking.
Often times people are busy throughout their days and weeks making calling a restaurant very inconvenient for them. If you’d like to open up your restaurant to a larger niche of customers the best thing to do would be to utilizing online booking programs such as “open table”. You can make it easily found at the top or bottom of your website or your menu bar. The easier it is to find the more you can convert reservations.


Sell Your Restaurant.
Some new customers may be looking at your restaurant as a new dining experience, this is where you convince them to dine at your restaurant. You can tempt your new customers with high-quality photos of your best food and drink. Make sure to place your accomplishments and awards on your website so they know you make quality dishes. You can also offer enticing discounts for new customers that sway them towards wanting to try the food.


Offer A Mobile Site.
When your website isn’t mobile friendly it instantly discourages customers. Customers don’t want to struggle through a full website on a tiny mobile screen when it’s meant to be on a full screen. Your website should be mobile accessible because mobile phones are how millions of customers look up information. Without a mobile website, you lose a huge opportunity to convert customers.


Invest in a custom Menu Page Template.
PDF uploads can often be unimpressive and make you seem lazy. PDF uploads are used a ton everyday but that doesn’t mean they’re right for your menu or website. Investing in or creating a custom menu template will make your business look more put together and like you put the time into going that extra step for the customers. The reason PDF uploads are what you don’t want is because it’s hard for customers to work with. They have to move the web page on mobile so many different ways on a limited screen. This instantly will turn customers off and can likely lead to them leaving your web page not converting to orders or reservations. This can easily be prevented by creating or commissioning a custom menu template this improves functionality of your website for your customers and gives your website a nice touch up due to the quality of the menu. Not only that but you’ll be ahead of your competitors who likely are using PDF uploads and those customers will leave their site and stay on yours because of your responsive menu.

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